Datawindow PowerFilter Similar In Excel For PowerBuilder

Datawindow PowerFilter Similar In Excel For PowerBuilder

PowerFilter is an easy-to-implement datawindow filtering component that gives your applications auto-filtering functionality similar to that found in Excel 2007. It works with your existing datawindows, just add one control to your window and as little as 3 lines of Powerscript to implement.

Datawindow PowerFilter Similar In Excel For PowerBuilder
Datawindow PowerFilter Similar In Excel For PowerBuilder 1
Datawindow PowerFilter Similar In Excel For PowerBuilder 2

– Multilingual support built in, no coding required. Single source code supports multiple languages at runtime.
– Dropdown checklist with unique values for each column. Check as many items as desired in as many columns as desired to define the filter.
– Custom Filter with pre-defined options based on datatype (Last Month, Next Month, Last Year, This Year, Greater than, Contains, Above Average, etc.)
– Supports Grid and Tabular DataWindows.
– Supports Columns and Computed Fields.
– Supports all standard data types.
– Supports custom column formats including format expressions.
– Dropdown Datawindows, ListBoxes, and Code Tables now display, filter, and sort on Display value, not the data value.
– Non Visual Object (NVO) implementation. Visual checkbox implementation also still supported.
– DisplayAsPicture support. Dropdown and custom filter dialogs automatically display images to select/filter if the column displays images using the DisplayAsPicture property
– Appeon compatibility
– Conditional visibility support. Filter button for a column has the same visibility properties as the column itself
– Option to maintain existing groups when using the sort column option.
– Wildcard and Case Matching options.
– Quick sort by column built into control, with ability to disable that feature.
– Instance variable options definable in the painter to modify appearance or behavior.
– Optional object functions available to modify behavior.
– Component can identify the columns and use default header text, or developer can specify which columns to allow user to filter and redefine header text via function calls.
– Works with existing datawindow controls in your application, with as little as 3 lines of Powerscript to add.
– Not PFC-based, but compatible with PFC applications.
Enhanced features in PB 11.5 version:
Datepicker for custom date or datetime filters.
Treeview presentation in Dropdown, allowing selection of entire years and/or months for date and datetime columns.
PowerTips (ToolTips) for each column describing the filter applied.
Transparent/Gradient option highlighting, just like Excel 2007.

New in version 2.0!
– Search Bar added to Dropdown, dynamically filters the dropdown list as you type to include only items – matching what you type
– Incrementally add Search results to previous results with Search Bar
– Expand/Collapse Date Tree option added to fully expand and collapse the branches of the date tree
– Improved Performance for high data volume. Code performance improved, and optional parameters to limit the time spent building the dropdown list
– of_SetBackgroundColor function to optionally set Background Color
– of_SetFontColor function to optionally set Font Color
– of_SetFontName function to optionally set Font Name
– of_Set_Post_Filter_Event to identify an event on a parent object to execute after filter is applied
– Resize from side and bottom, not just corner of the dropdown list
– Dropdown placement and sizing improved for smaller window height.
– Secondary options lists resize and scroll if needed to fit window height
– Tested to work with 96 and 120 dpi.
– Groupcalc() after filter applied
– Apostrophes in Header Text handled
– Button x coordinate bug fixed (integer changed to long for very wide datawindows)

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