Ean13 Barcode In PowerBuilder

Ean13 Barcode In PowerBuilder

You MUST install the EAN 13 TrueType font included in the zip file with this sample application in order to be able to display EAN 13 barcodes.

To install the font in Windows 10, open the Fonts applet in the Windows Control Panel, then drag/drop the .ttf file into the main area of the Fonts applet. Once installed, the font is available for use. Its name is “Code EAN13 Regular”.

The code digits column must contain 12 digits [0-9 only].

These values are concatenated and translated by the “f_ean13_encode” global function to a sequence of code points within the EAN 13 font, via an expression in a DataWindow computed field.

Ean13 Barcode In PowerBuilder
Ean13 Barcode In PowerBuilder 1

Source Code Example

f_ean13_checksum from function_object

f_ean13_encode from function_object

w_main from window

d_ean13_barcode from datawindow

Source get from appeon.com

Find Projects On Github click here

Good Luck!

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