NotepadPB is a software similar to Notepad ++. It is developed in the PowerBuilder language which supports the language format to help users view the source code more easily. Developed by

Home Page NotepadPB

NotepadPB features

  • Tabbed caption display for maximized real estate.
  • Support for many programming languages (the only notepad to support PowerBuilder out of the box).
  • Advanced editor features like row numbers, auto indenting, row highlighting, etc.
  • Syntax folding, highlighting, and brace matching.
  • Encoding support.
  • EOL character support and conversion for Windows, MAC, and Unix.
  • Easily insert a new GUID, Date, Time, Calculated Value, and Unicode Character.
  • Document summary displays number of lines, characters, words, and other file attributes.
  • Split view to compare two files.
  • For PowerBuilder .sr* files, go to implementation by right clicking on a declared function.
  • Use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Advanced find and replace text features.
NotepadPB Version 2.15

Good Luck!

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